Ford Helps Locavores with New App


Ford has made a commitment to promoting sustainable practices. In honor of this Commitment Ford has teamed up with a leading sustainability website to create an app that helps be more “Locavore”.  This Locavore movement means that individuals are making a commitment to eating fresh food that is grown locally. Closer food sources mean a number of positive things for not only you but for the environment. First the food is grown closer to the final consumer, meaning less energy is used in the transportation and storing of the product. This will benefit the environment greatly by conserving energy.  With this food being grown closer to you and taking less time to get to your plate it means that the product will be fresher. Ford is hoping this new app will not only help you eat healthier but also inspire more people to be more environmentally friendly. The App currently has over 50,000 “good food” locations including eateries, farmer’s markets and food stores where locally-sourced food options are available. The App also allows you to add custom entries on were too score some great local food into their already expansive database. So check back frequently because the database will be growing rapidly.  Ford hopes that people using that app will not only start shopping at fresh local markets but also while out on the road stop at more healthy location to eat. The App is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. You can find both links along with more information on the app and the campaign at

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