Take a Road Trip this Holiday Weekend and Strengthen Your Love


YourTango.com and Ford have just released a new survey showing that a long car ride for couples can strengthen their relationship. 90% of the couples surveyed stated that taking some sort of road trip helped bond the two of them more together. When couples where asked, what is so special about a road trip that can strengthen their bond? Surveyors received a variation of responses; however they all generally encompassed the same ideas. The couples all commented on the fun and adventure of the trip itself, not the actual destination.  Over half of the 90% stated that the quality time alone on the road made for great conversations. Most couples stated that during the trip they talk and catch up on each other’s lives. Other top responses included blasting their favorite music or just sitting back and taking in the sights while enjoying some quiet time. 

Surveyors also asked in depth questions about certain features and the conditions of their perfect vehicle for their road trip. Couples ranked fuel efficiency, a decent sound system along with some sort of navigation capability as the top three most important features for their perfect road trip vehicle. Other highly ranked features included climate control settings, auto start-stop technology, and decent trunk space. The all-new Ford Fusion contains all of these features that couples stated were most important, not to mention it’s stylish new look makes it the perfect car for a romantic getaway. Check out the Fusions we have in stock here!

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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