Hybrid or Electric F150s? Maybe, just not yet.


The new Atlas Concept that Ford Motor Co. unveiled at Detroit revealed several interesting technologies that altogether could save fuel: active grille shutters, active wheel shutters, a drop-down air dam, and power running boards.  Then Raj Nair Group Vice President, Global Product Development of Ford Motor Company stated that that Ford expects “an increase in electrification across segments,” which of course started the rumor mill.

What did Nair really mean? Are future Ford trucks going to be even more fuel efficient? Is it possible he simple meant they were researching into using lighter and advanced materials? Perhaps Ford is looking to expand its capability of its already powerful EcoBoost V-6? However, one of the more progressive ideas is that Ford is starting to research hybrid, plug-in, and full electric F-150s.

Although most agree that the automobile industry is headed in the direction of a full line of greener powered vehicles, it’s unlikely that in 2014 we will be driving fully electric F-150s.  Ford has embraced all types of green technology for every lifestyle with its’ current passenger-car and crossover strategies.  Going along with this strategy, Ford will most likely start with a hybrid Transit Connect before expanding to the F-series. These smaller hulling vehicles are speculated to be used in more urban areas with shorter daily driving distances.

But, do not fret truck fans, researchers have confirmed that Ford is always looking to make more weight-saving materials like high-strength steel, boron steel, aluminum, magnesium or even carbon fiber to save you on fuel. Continue to check back here for a look into Ford’s Future.

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