St. Mary's City

Need a break? Try heading down Maryland’s original capital city, St. Mary’s City, and get a little fresh air and clear your head for the weekend. St. Mary’s was ranked fifth for weekend getaways in Maryland by USA Today.  St. Mary’s is located in the area known as Southern Maryland, and is just two hours from the Laurel area. Similar to Williamsburg and other colonial towns, St. Mary’s historic district has a living museum where, from mid-March through November, you don’t just tour buildings, but actually see firsthand how colonists and early settlers lived. Talk about a blast to the past St. Mary’s was the fourth permanent settlement in British North America. It is an exciting mix of colorful living history and fascinating archaeology, all set in a beautiful tidewater landscape. Stay at a nearby inn, a waterfront bed and breakfast or a historic manor house. Dine at the Brome Howard Inn, which has two dining rooms, including a porch setting that overlooks a formal garden and has views of the sunset, or eat at one of the sandwich shops or independently owned restaurants. Leashed dogs are welcomed in the operating 17th century style colonial town all they ask is that you clean up after you pet, so bring the whole family.

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