A Day in the life of an Academy Ford Service Technician

Academy Ford ServiceRecently our marketing intern traded in his desktop computer for a wrench.  He spent the day with one of our service technicians, Amar (more info on Amar here).

And this is what a day in the life of an Academy Ford service technician looks like told by Intern Jon:

“Every vehicle that entered into Amar’s bay was carefully diagnosed and put through a careful and meticulous diagnosis of its symptoms. I observed most of the more complicated issues.  But, I was able help him complete simple tasks such as oil changes and the rotating of tires. However, the steps that he took after each simple task should be very reassuring to all car owners. He kept stating, “If you take the time to check everything twice you will be sure that you did it correctly.” Before reattaching the tires he went around checking not only the treads on the tires but the bolting that held them in place, the calipers and rotors, brake pads and even the axles on the vehicle. For one vehicle I accompanied Amar with a wheel alignment. We used Academy Ford’s digital wheel alignment system to pinpoint the alignment issue and make the proper adjustments to align all 4 tires with the steering wheel. After fixing the issue Amar ran the vehicle through the digital system a second time to ensure that the wheels were aligned exactly were they needed to be. From my experience the overlying sentiment that I took away from the day that while the job seems to be rather stressful, it also seems to be very rewarding.”

Let us know if you have any questions for Intern Jon or Amar in the comments section below. 

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