A Day in the Life of a Service Advisor

Today we have another “behind the scenes” view of our service department, as Intern Jon shares with you his experience in a day in the life of a service advisor:

Last week I had the pleasure of shadowing one of Academy Ford’s service advisors. In case your not sure what a service advisor is, they are the ones who handle all the administrative and customer relations of the service department. They are the face and representative of all the techs and mechanics in the shop when conveying information between the shop and the customers.

I shadowed Kevin who, with his great communication and shop skills, is a perfect fit to this profession. He is able to confidentially and appropriately communicate with each customer to assess their vehicle’s needs. Once Kevin evaluates the situation from the customer’s point of view he allows a technician to inspect the car and confirm the problem. He then discusses the price and time that the repairs will take, along with any other issues that the technician or himself have noticed while inspecting the vehicle. It is then Kevin’s task to oversee and relay the information between the technicians and the customer while these repairs are being carried out. My favorite part of the entire day was to watch the transformation that each customer experienced once they started their interaction with Kevin. As most of us would be when experiencing car trouble, most customers walked into the door distraught and frustrated. However, after a few minutes with Kevin and his reassuring and comforting attitude, customers slowly shifted to a more positive and reassured outlook on their current situation. This was very rewarding for both Kevin and myself because of the positive impact we had on someone’s day. So next time you need that oil change, tire rotation or any repairs for that matter, think of Academy Ford and the great prices and customer service we offer. Come on in and stop by to see Kevin in the service department, you can be rest assured that you and your vehicle will walk out better than when you walked in.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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