Performance Features of the Focus- What They Really Mean?


We totally get it! After listening to some car commercials you can be left scratching your head as to what any of the features they were toting actually mean.  So today we are tackling some of the performance features to give you a better understanding of the value of these benefits…

Ok so here goes:

Torque Vectoring Control- sounds cool, right? But, what does it mean.  Basically, this feature improves grip and steering when cornering in a  “sporty” manner or when it’s wet.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering- simply put this feature responds to your inputs to provide responsive handling and control.

AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)- whoa, that’s a mouthful…what it really means is the system constantly monitors road conditions and the driver’s responses then adjusts engine power and applies ABS to help keep all the wheels firmly planted.

That completes our vocabulary lesson for today, but if there are any other terms or features you’d like us to simplify on please leave a comment below.

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