Back to School Hacks to Improve the Commute


If you have kids, you probably find yourself in the emotional mix of excitement over getting them back to school, sad to see the summer with them come to an end and dreading the weekday commute and routine. We have some hacks that can improve the way you and your Ford shuttle kids, sports gear, band instruments and who knows what else back and forth.



Hack Your Storage

With kids, other people’s kids, backpacks, sports gear, instruments and all the necessities of everyday routine, space inside even the roomiest car, truck or SUV can be at a premium. But a little organization can go a long way toward freeing up much-needed room. For example:

· Back-of-a-seat organizers for snacks, cleaning supplies or anything else you’re carrying around are vital. Fill them up with snacks and foods for a convenient on-the-go breakfast buffet when you’re running a little behind schedule.

· Got an SUV or hatchback and too much stuff rolling around the back? Use a shower or cleaning caddy to neatly organize your fluids, cleaning and emergency supplies in one easy-to-reach location.

Hack Your Exterior

Life is a little messy, especially when you’re dealing with kids, school and sports. Dings, nicks and scratches are bound to happen. But here are a few easy ways to fix them.

· Did the kids put a little ding in your car? Try a little bit of clear nail polish to keep it from rusting.

· What about big dings or dents? Many can be fixed simply by using a plunger.

· Garage giving you trouble? Attach a few foam pool noodles to the walls of your garage to help prevent door dings. Don’t know how far to pull up? Try the old hanging tennis ball trick. Or stick a piece of masking tape to the wall, so when it’s even with your driver’s side mirror, you know to stop.

Save time, save space and save hassle this school year with these Hack to School tricks for making commutes a little easier.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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