Meet A New Member of the Team: Miles Washington

2016-01-14 17.02.50

We would like to introduce you to one of our newest product specialists here at Academy Ford, Miles Washington.  Miles is new to the Academy Ford family but, has 8 years of experience in the customer service industry.  He believes that his background has provided him with a great ability to read people which helps in identifying what they want in a vehicle. 

Miles has really enjoyed working at Academy Ford.  He says the most rewarding aspect is knowing that his customers are happy.  He’s even received presents from some of his happy customers as a thank you for all of his help.  Also, when customers send referrals he knows that he has done his job well which, is very satisfying. 

He said that Academy Ford has been a great place to work because it’s a small dealership so it really does feel like you’re a part of something…it really is like family and doesn’t have the corporate overtones like other places. 

Outside of the dealership Miles is an avid cook opting for organic produce, loves martial arts and guitar. 

If you would like to work with Miles to find your perfect vehicle call him at (301)419-2700 or email him at


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