Drive 4 UR Community 2016

Through Ford Motor Company’s program called Drive 4 UR Community,
which is designed to help raise much-needed funding for local community groups
and nonprofit organizations, Academy Ford will seek to raise up to $6,000 for the HC Stars program.

We are pleased to invite you to join your community in raising money for HC Stars at an event that is sure to cause some excitement – Drive 4 UR Community!

For every person who takes a test-drive during our event, Ford Motor Company will donate $20 to HC Stars. In total, as much as $6,000 could be raised!

Every year, community organizations struggle to attain funding at the local, state and federal levels in order to support their overall goals. This fundraising event is a unique way to fill some of those financial gaps. By taking a simple test-drive, you can support this cause and help HC Stars in a meaningful way!


Please mark your calendars and invite family, friends and neighbors to join in supporting HC Stars and your local community!

We look forward to seeing you there!

The HC Stars mission is to target pre-high school student-athletes interested in sports, academic achievement, and personal development. Our primary goal is to assist our student-athletes in reaching their highest potential in academic excellence, by holistically cultivating and developing their spirituality, education, social skills, and talents. We put together a football team of elite 6th- 8th grade players to play in the Grassroots League. Our 5 Pillars- in order of importance are: Faith, Family, School, Social Responsibility, ….. then Sports.

Serving all surrounding counties & the District of Columbia


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