Dolph Lundgren Gives Everyday Items “The Boost”

Ford partnered up with Dolph Lundgren to show you the power of the Ecoboost engine see what they found out…

By Sean T. Johnston

The name says it all: EcoBoost®. Efficiency meets raw power.

Many Ford owners recognize it as the feisty powerhouse that gives the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion great mpg (and lots of get-up, we might add). But not everyone knows that its larger cousins are also pulling trailers and g-forces underneath the hoods of Mustangs and F-150 trucks. People think EcoBoost is smart, not fully appreciating its strength.

It’s a perception that needs to be challenged. We worked with a fabricator—under the guidance of our brilliant Ford engineers—to add the available 1.0L EcoBoost engine to ordinary appliances. Just like turbocharging and direct injection deliver added power without sacrificing performance in our vehicles, adding an EcoBoost engine to these appliances takes them to a whole other level and makes them impressively powerful super contraptions.

To help us demonstrate the might of our multifunction masterpiece of engineering, we brought in a guy who has both brains and brawn. When he wasn’t beating up boxers or blowing up enemy bases in some of the most iconic action movies of the past few decades, Dolph Lundgren was studying chemical engineering and hanging out with his pals from the society for exceptionally high-IQ’ed individuals. He’s an actual genius.

Dolph shows you what it would be like if we took normal, everyday machines and gave them an EcoBoost® upgrade. Meet “The Boost.”

Blender of Brutality – We took the laughable four horsepower motor you’d find in even the most powerful household blenders and EcoBoosted it up to over 30 times the original! Sure, you can still whip up a nice batch of smoothies with your favorite fruit. Or you can grind up a bag of silverware into a fine metallic powder. With this bad boy, you can even answer a question that has eluded scientists for decades: What happens when you put a blender inside another blender? It could open up a rift in the space-time continuum. Or, it could be just another easy task for our Blender of Brutality.

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