Two classic all-American brands are joining forces to wrap up summer with the most American of journeys – a cross-country road trip.

Behind the wheel of a customized 2017 Ford Escape, the Coca-Cola Journey™ departed from Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta today to begin a 4,000-mile, 20-plus-stop adventure across the United States. The tour is scheduled to land in Los Angeles on Oct. 5.

The Ford Escape, wearing a Coca-Cola Red exterior and #JourneyXJourney social media hashtag, is being trailed by a similarly outfitted Coca-Cola Journey branded motorhome serving as a mobile brand publishing HQ. During the trip, team from the 40-foot motorhome will post to various social media channels and interact with consumers, exploring passions ingrained in Coca-Cola’s DNA such as innovation, food, sports, music and culture.

The small SUV – with modifications by Motor City Solutions in suburban Detroit – includes a custom-fitted cooler in the rear cargo area. 

Check out our 2017 Escape inventory here.

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