Drive 4 UR Community with STEMaction

Through Ford Motor Company’s new program called Drive 4 UR Community, which is designed to help raise much-needed funding for local community groups and nonprofit organizations, Academy Ford will raise up to $6,000 for STEMaction programs this Saturday Oct 10th from 9am- 2Pm at Capitol technology University right here in Laurel. If you’re not familiar … Continue reading

Our First Look: 2013 C-MAX Hybrid

Introducing the all new 2013 C-MAX Hybrid . . .  The all-new 2013 C-MAX Hybrid is part of the first hybrid-only line of vehicles from Ford in North America.  It uses next-generation Ford hybrid powersplit architecture that allows the electric motor and gas-powered engine to work together or separately to maximize efficiency.   The highlights: Class-exclusive … Continue reading

Is your commute driving you crazy? Traffic Jam Assist is Here to Help

I think the majority of the people that live and work in the DMV have a few personal stories of horrific rush hour traffic.  Basically, any recap of a typical Friday night commute home when there’s a sea of vehicles in front of you at a complete stop and your top speed for the last half hour … Continue reading