What happens when your lease is over?

If you have a close-ended lease, you are required to pay off the actual amount of any damages that exceed normal wear and tear at the time you return your leased vehicle.  Fortunately, Ford Credit is fairly forgiving when it comes to the amount of wear and tear that is permitted.  For instance, as far … Continue reading

Advantages of Leasing a Ford Vehicle

Ford Credit provides a great variety of lease terms.  With a variety of mileage options, term lengths, and program benefits and options, you’re sure to find a plan that suits your needs.   Mileage Options Ford offers seven mileage options, ranging from 10,500 to 19,500 miles per year.  If you know that you will need … Continue reading

Leasing Terms You Auto Know

Let’s start out your leasing vocabulary lesson with the two types of leases: an open-ended lease and a close-ended lease and a few terms associated with them. An open-ended lease means that you are planning on purchasing the vehicle at the end of your initial lease term, in which case you pay the difference between … Continue reading

5 Things You Auto Know About Leasing A Car

We are here to tell you that leasing is making a comeback! There are a lot of reasons why including: lower interest rate incentives and the impact of gas prices on a car owner’s cash flow.  Whatever your reasons are for possibly considering a lease we think you auto know a few good things. TOP … Continue reading


Have you ever considered the option of leasing a car?  Many people think that car leasing is the same as renting a car, but the easiest way to look at is another way of financing your car.  When deciding whether to buy or lease a car, first decide what your priorities are and what is … Continue reading