Building on its industry leadership in available driver-assist technologies, Ford Motor Company is expanding its offerings with a range of next-generation features designed to ease parking hassles, improve collision avoidance, detect objects in the road and prevent wrong-way driving. Ford offers more nameplates in the United States with adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane … Continue reading

Ford Developing Advanced Headlights

Ford is developing advanced lighting technology that enables drivers to more easily see potential hazards when driving at night Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System widens beam at junctions and roundabouts after interpreting traffic signs GPS-enabled system uses forward-facing camera to remember roadways and direct lighting to help drivers better see bends in the road – … Continue reading

April Showers Bring May Accidents

Judging from our morning commutes Spring has sprung and the warm weather has everything blooming, including the number of accidents. There is just something about spring that makes people more prone to accidents. There are many factors that contribute to higher accident rates during the spring time.  In spring, people begin to relax.  Drivers are … Continue reading

5 Mistakes You Make While Driving in the Snow

With all of the bad weather this week we thought we’d point out some mistakes you make while driving in the snow, so that you can avoid them and drive more safely. 1) Tailgating. No we don’t mean at football games…many drivers on 695/495/really any major highway in the area make a bad habit out of … Continue reading

Winter, it does not just drain your iPhone

Winter puts more stress on your car battery, especially if you park it outside, since extreme cold effects your battery’s performance. Cold temperatures greatly reduce the effectiveness of chemical reactions within the battery and also increases the battery’s internal resistance. To reduce your chances of being stranded, remember to watch for the signs of a low … Continue reading

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Ford has all of the bases covered when it comes to safe driving in the rain: good traction, good wipers, and good headlights.  Read on for the inside scoop on some Ford technologies that will help you drive better in rainy weather. Headlights Some Ford vehicles are equipped with a high beam control system that … Continue reading

10 Tips for Night Driving

We know we’ve told you this before here but, 49% of all fatal car accidents occur at night despite there being fewer drivers on the road.  So, we feel it necessary to address this issue once more with additional tips for night driving:  1. Be especially careful when driving during twilight. It is especially difficult … Continue reading

5 Tips for Improving Visibility During Winter

The winter weather that we have been experiencing lately brings dangerous driving conditions along with it.   A lot of accidents that happen during this dangerous driving season can be attributed to poor visibility.  Hence the 3 tips for improving visibility during winter. 1. Windshield wipers We rely on our windshield wipers to clear windows of … Continue reading

You’re Stranded in a Snowstorm, Now What?

If our 6 Quick Tips did not set your vehicle free and you are still stuck in the snow, do not abandon your vehicle. Not only is it unsafe, you also may be subject to towing, ticketing, and a fine.  Instead… Keep your seat belt on, as it is likely that other drivers may slide … Continue reading

6 Quick Tips for When You Get Caught in a Snowstorm

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT IN A SNOWSTORM In an effort to keep our customers at the top of their driving game this winter we have talked about how to prevent and combat skidding on icy roads and today we look at another dangerous winter-driving scenario: getting caught in a snowstorm. So we … Continue reading