Back to Basics: What is EcoBoost?

When it comes to technology things can seem to be more complicated than they really are, so let’s get back to basics. What is EcoBoost?  Its much more simple that you may think: Ecoboost is when turbocharging and direct injection deliver added power without sacrificing performance with great low-end torque responsiveness.   Turbocharging Turbocharged engines … Continue reading

Decoding Motor Oil Labels

Choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle is important to its longevity, and is as easy as looking in your owner’s manual for the recommended type. But have you ever wondered what all of the symbols, letters, and numbers mean on a bottle of motor oil? Wonder no more! We have decoded them for … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Car Engine

Last week, we discussed the importance of Maintaining Your Car Battery.  This week, we are focusing on how to keep your car’s engine running smoothly for years to come.  Here are some tips to follow: If you let your car idle for an extended period of time, the engine doesn’t operate at its peak temperature, resulting in … Continue reading