Winter, it does not just drain your iPhone

Winter puts more stress on your car battery, especially if you park it outside, since extreme cold effects your battery’s performance. Cold temperatures greatly reduce the effectiveness of chemical reactions within the battery and also increases the battery’s internal resistance. To reduce your chances of being stranded, remember to watch for the signs of a low … Continue reading


Today we are here with our last installment of our Pre-Winter Car Care Series and we are ready to discuss tires.  The tires on your vehicle are obviously always very important to your safety, but during the winter months  the tires’ condition become exceedingly more important.  So, we have 2 quality tests for your tires to ensure … Continue reading

Pre-Winter Car Care, Part III

Here we are again with some more Pre-Winter Car Care.  Today we are changing focus a little bit and instead of maintenance for your vehicle we are demonstrating the importance of a Winter Car Kit. The upcoming winter weather conditions can be life-threatening so, if you are forced in a situation where you have to deal with them we want … Continue reading

Pre-Winter Car Care, Part II

Photo by 6bender (Flickr)

We are back with some more Pre-Winter Car Care Tips.  Again we can’t stress enough how important Pre-Winter Car Care is, mainly because of the risk associated with the upcoming winter weather conditions.  We are here to make sure you are prepared for the first snow fall.  Some of the Pre-Winter Car Care tips that follow below can be … Continue reading

Pre-Winter Car Care

Pre-Winter Car Care

Pre-Winter Car Care is more important than you may think.  Mechanical failure is bad news no matter what, but in the winter it could be fatal.  That is why were are here to share with you some Pre-Winter Car Care Tips to get you ready for the upcoming winter weather conditions.  We don’t want you … Continue reading