Five Fall Drives

Catch the crisp autumnal colors with these amazing road trips. 1. BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY, VA & NC SEE: The 469 miles from the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina is prime turning-leaf territory. 2. ROUTE 100, VT SEE: The roads from Canada to Massachusetts pass along … Continue reading


Two classic all-American brands are joining forces to wrap up summer with the most American of journeys – a cross-country road trip. Behind the wheel of a customized 2017 Ford Escape, the Coca-Cola Journey™ departed from Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta today to begin a 4,000-mile, 20-plus-stop adventure across the United States. The tour is scheduled to … Continue reading

Traveling with Children during the Holidays: Snacks

          Today we are back with more tips to help traveling with the kids a bit less stressful.  Feeding hungry little mouths during a lengthy road trip can be messy and frenzied. Plus, deciding what snacks to feed your children can be just as confusing. However, with these four tasty, homemade … Continue reading

Fun Family Activities for Holiday Road Trips

It’s holiday crunch time.  Hopefully you have most of your shopping done and you are beginning to pack up the car.  Traveling with children during the holiday season can be stressful and hectic, but playing these four easy car games with your kids can make the road trip with your family fun and enjoyable for … Continue reading

Take a Road Trip this Holiday Weekend and Strengthen Your Love and Ford have just released a new survey showing that a long car ride for couples can strengthen their relationship. 90% of the couples surveyed stated that taking some sort of road trip helped bond the two of them more together. When couples where asked, what is so special about a road trip that … Continue reading

Road Trip Ready: The Ride Home

So, the vacay is over and it’s back in the car for the ride home.  But, wait the ride home does not have to be the end of the trip!  With most vacations, the trip is over as soon as you get back home – with a road trip, you can stretch your vacation out for … Continue reading


2013 Ford Explorer

So, vacations haven’t been planned and summer is here.  What to do now?  Well, the open road doesn’t need any reservations so, hop in the car and let the fun begin! Whether you would like to go on a short day trip or a full-fledged road trip we have lots of options for you today.  … Continue reading

Road Trip Ready: Entertainment

Okay we’ve talked about some best practices for packing up the car and avoiding maintenance mayhem.  Now you’re about to set off on a long road trip. You are so excited and can’t wait to get to your perfect vacation destination, but wait you have got hours in a crowded car standing between you and your … Continue reading

Road Trip Ready: Avoid Maintenance Mayhem

Road Trip Ready? Avoid Maintenance Mayhem Like this...

OK so the one of your top priorities when committing to a road trip should be to avoid mechanical issues on the road that would prevent you from getting to your destination.   So, here are top 3 recommendations to get your vehicle Road Trip Ready. Check your Fluids Inspect Belts & Hoses Examine Tires Check your … Continue reading

Road Trip Ready: Gas Prices Aren’t Holding You Back Anymore

Get Road Trip Ready Gas Prices Prices Aren’t Holding You Back Anymore

The gas price speculation has gotten us all a little worked up.  At the beginning of April the predictors were preparing us for the worst siting that gas prices would be soaring over $4 per gallon, closer to $5 in some regions. Then, what happens? We find out that they are wrong, dead wrong! There … Continue reading