Academy Ford’s Car Show CANCELLED

In the interest of everyone’s safety we have decided to CANCEL the Car Show due to Hurricane Joaquin.  But, you can still save…   or save on servicing your vehicle:      

Save BIG at the Academy Ford Apparel Sale

Now through the end of the month save BIG at the Academy Ford Apparel Sale! We are making room for some new product displays and want to clear everything out! 50% off of all in stock apparel.  This is the perfect time to pick up something for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day who is a … Continue reading

Obsessed with Gas Prices?

Us too! So, we have asked out new intern Jon to share some of his tips to keep your pockets fat and your tank full! Has anyone else noticed how gas prices have been even less predictable than usual this year? Well I have and so has TIME magazine see here.   Hi my name is … Continue reading

Ford Electrified Vehicle Lineup

Ford offers five different electric vehicles.  Both the C-MAX and Fusion come in hybrid and plug-in hybrid varieties, and the Focus Electric is an all-electric vehicle.  You can read more about these vehicles here. All-Electric An electric car is great for the environment, because it produces almost no pollution.  It can also go very fast.  … Continue reading

10 Factors That Can Affect Your Vehicle’s MPG

Does your vehicle seem to have a lower fuel economy than it is reported to have?  You may be surprised by how many factors can affect the MPG of your vehicle.  Some fuels contain less energy than others.  Oxygenated fuels, reformulated gasoline (RFG), and gasoline with ethanol in it can all decrease MPG.  Also, your … Continue reading

What is MPGe?

The new Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid recently received an EPA rating of up to 108 MPGe for city driving, making it America’s most fuel-efficient sedan.  You know that MPG stands for miles per gallon, but what is MPGe?  MPGe stands for miles per gallon equivalent and is being used by the EPA to report … Continue reading

Why should your Ford Truck be your Blue Oval Office?

Built Ford Tough

In the spirit of the recent holiday celebrating the true honor it is to be an American and celebrating our independence now 236 years ago, we were thinking what could be more American than the oval office?  How about a blue oval office?  The blue oval is an authentic badge of honor and represents all … Continue reading

Certified Pre-Enjoyed = Certified Pre-Owned

Used Car Special Financing

Academy Ford is happy to tell you that there is yet another reason other than here, here, here, or here to consider a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and that reason is the National Ford Certified Pre-Owned Sales Event kicking off today! If you finance with Ford you can qualify for an interest rate as low as 0.9% … Continue reading

Road Trip Ready: Packing Perfection

Okay so the work week is almost over and you are beyond ready for the long Memorial Day weekend, the road trip plans are confirmed, you’ve decided on a meeting place, your bags are packed, etc.  But, have you packed your vehicle for the road trip? Make sure you have some items to prepare yourself … Continue reading

Road Trips will Save You Money

We recently read an article by the Car Care Council, “With Airfares Soaring, Driving is the Way to Go,” they         illustrated a comparison of the cost of flying vs. driving.  Below are some of the major points: The Car Care Council compared the cost of flying vs. driving for a family … Continue reading