5 Tips for Improving Visibility During Winter

The winter weather that we have been experiencing lately brings dangerous driving conditions along with it.   A lot of accidents that happen during this dangerous driving season can be attributed to poor visibility.  Hence the 3 tips for improving visibility during winter. 1. Windshield wipers We rely on our windshield wipers to clear windows of … Continue reading

Top 4 Tips for De-icing Your Car

When it comes to driving safely in icy conditions and snowy weather, having a clear windshield is a top priority.  Follow these tips for de-icing your windows: Start your engine and turn on your heat to the highest setting possible.  Turn on your front and rear defrosters, which will push the airflow up out of … Continue reading

Protect Your Car from Road Salt

The salt used on roads during the wintertime is corrosive and can damage your vehicle’s finish, increase rust, and even reduce efficiency of pipes and motors, therefore diminishing driving performance.  Doors, fenders, hoods and tailgates are most vulnerable to rust because they retain a lot of moisture.  Here are some ways to prevent damage to … Continue reading

You May Need to Abandon Your Vehicle in the Snow

There are ONLY two circumstances in which you should leave the vehicle. 1) If you are VERY familiar with the surroundings and are certain it would be easy to walk to safety. 2) If you see it as last resort in which you believe you have absolutely no chance of surviving unless you try to … Continue reading

You’re Stranded in a Snowstorm, Now What?

If our 6 Quick Tips did not set your vehicle free and you are still stuck in the snow, do not abandon your vehicle. Not only is it unsafe, you also may be subject to towing, ticketing, and a fine.  Instead… Keep your seat belt on, as it is likely that other drivers may slide … Continue reading

6 Quick Tips for When You Get Caught in a Snowstorm

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT IN A SNOWSTORM In an effort to keep our customers at the top of their driving game this winter we have talked about how to prevent and combat skidding on icy roads and today we look at another dangerous winter-driving scenario: getting caught in a snowstorm. So we … Continue reading


PREVENT Make sure your tires have sufficient tread by testing them with a quarter.  Learn more about winter tire maintenance by reading our past blog post, Pre-Winter Car Care, Part IV. Also, avoid slamming on the brakes, as this may cause your vehicle to skid. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the … Continue reading

12 Tips for Driving Safely in the Snow

Luckily, we have pretty mild weather in the forecast for the next few days.  However, the snow season is upon us. It won’t be long before road conditions become hazardous due to winter weather.  Here are some tips for driving in less-than-ideal conditions. 12 TIPS FOR DRIVING IN SNOW  Be prepared.  Make sure your vehicle is … Continue reading