1) Check the level of your radiator coolant, which helps cool your engine. If it’s low, you may have a leak and should have your cooling system tested. 2) Check up on weird sounds coming from your AC.  Anytime you hear an odd noise, you’ll want to have it checked out by your local Ford Dealer Service … Continue reading


Need a break? Try heading down Maryland’s original capital city, St. Mary’s City, and get a little fresh air and clear your head for the weekend. St. Mary’s was ranked fifth for weekend getaways in Maryland by USA Today.  St. Mary’s is located in the area known as Southern Maryland, and is just two hours … Continue reading

Driving Safely in the Rain

July has just about come and gone and we are still trying to prepare you for August, the most dangerous month of the year when considering auto accidents.  The weather has been pretty intense lately with all of the summer thunderstorms rolling through.  And we still have some yet to come. Check out the forecast: … Continue reading

6 Quick Tips to Driving Safely at Night

Ford Focus Driving Safely at Night

It’s just about midway through July and we want to take this opportunity to prepare you for August, the most dangerous month of the year when considering auto accidents; driving at night being the most fatal circumstance.  49% of all fatal car accidents occur at night despite there being fewer drivers on the road.  The … Continue reading

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Hot Buttons

So, it’s summertime .  . . the kids are out of school, the days are getting longer, and it’s getting HOT, HOT, HOT! Believe or not the hot summer weather can do a number on your vehicle.  There are 2 summer vehicle maintenance hot buttons that we wanted to make sure that you’re checking up … Continue reading