1) Check the level of your radiator coolant, which helps cool your engine. If it’s low, you may have a leak and should have your cooling system tested. 2) Check up on weird sounds coming from your AC.  Anytime you hear an odd noise, you’ll want to have it checked out by your local Ford Dealer Service … Continue reading

New Year, New Goals

Most of us start out the year with new goals or resolutions.  More often than not we list out a few basics like: be healthier, be more organized, or be more something.  As a car dealership we’re not going to try to broach all of these subjects but, when it comes to organization and your … Continue reading

Winter, it does not just drain your iPhone

Winter puts more stress on your car battery, especially if you park it outside, since extreme cold effects your battery’s performance. Cold temperatures greatly reduce the effectiveness of chemical reactions within the battery and also increases the battery’s internal resistance. To reduce your chances of being stranded, remember to watch for the signs of a low … Continue reading

8 MORE Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Shape

This month we have been sharing tips to help keep your car in top-performing condition (see here).  We have shared tips for helping your car endure the winter season, maintaining your car engine and battery, and choosing the right motor oil.  Here are some extra tips that will help you keep your car healthy: Never … Continue reading

Welcome Our New Service Director, Brian Hunter

Brian Hunter joined the Academy Ford family in mid December last year.  He has been hard at work for the past few months, so we thought it was well overdue to formally introduce to you our new Service Director.  Welcome Brian Hunter. Brian has been working in the automotive industry for 30 years.  He began … Continue reading

10 Step Guide to Storing Your Car

With all the chatter about extended Spring Break vacays around the dealership.  We thought we should share with you some tips on storing your ride while you are away, especially if it will be long-term.  You may think that simply parking your car in a garage or using a car cover will be sufficient.  However, … Continue reading

Decoding Motor Oil Labels

Choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle is important to its longevity, and is as easy as looking in your owner’s manual for the recommended type. But have you ever wondered what all of the symbols, letters, and numbers mean on a bottle of motor oil? Wonder no more! We have decoded them for … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Car Engine

Last week, we discussed the importance of Maintaining Your Car Battery.  This week, we are focusing on how to keep your car’s engine running smoothly for years to come.  Here are some tips to follow: If you let your car idle for an extended period of time, the engine doesn’t operate at its peak temperature, resulting in … Continue reading

Brake Fluid. Do you need to replace it?

Why is it important to replace my brake fluid?  Most brake lines are made of something called Bundy tube or Bundy pipe, which are steel pipes lined with copper.  The copper corrodes over time, which can damage your brake system.  Copper corrodes when dissolved oxygen and acid reacts with the metal.  Brake fluid is acidic … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Car Battery

It is important to take care of your car’s battery to ensure that it has the longest life possible.  This is especially true during the winter season, when extreme temperatures put extra stress on your car battery. Cold temperatures make the battery work harder and, because the engine oil in your car is thicker, it … Continue reading