Ford’s all-new Focus RS will sprint from 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds – making the high-performance hatchback the fastest-accelerating RS model yet. Focus RS – powered by a specially engineered version of Ford’s new 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine producing projected 350 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque – will reach a top speed of 165 mph. … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Consider Buying an Electric or Hybrid Car

Hybrids are most beneficial to those who live in urban areas with a lot of slow driving because it uses its electric motor when you drive slowly or come to a stop.  The electric motors found in electric and hybrid cars are quieter than gasoline engines. Service and maintenance costs are less expensive for electric … Continue reading

Ford Electrified Vehicle Lineup

Ford offers five different electric vehicles.  Both the C-MAX and Fusion come in hybrid and plug-in hybrid varieties, and the Focus Electric is an all-electric vehicle.  You can read more about these vehicles here. All-Electric An electric car is great for the environment, because it produces almost no pollution.  It can also go very fast.  … Continue reading

10 Factors That Can Affect Your Vehicle’s MPG

Does your vehicle seem to have a lower fuel economy than it is reported to have?  You may be surprised by how many factors can affect the MPG of your vehicle.  Some fuels contain less energy than others.  Oxygenated fuels, reformulated gasoline (RFG), and gasoline with ethanol in it can all decrease MPG.  Also, your … Continue reading

What is MPGe?

The new Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid recently received an EPA rating of up to 108 MPGe for city driving, making it America’s most fuel-efficient sedan.  You know that MPG stands for miles per gallon, but what is MPGe?  MPGe stands for miles per gallon equivalent and is being used by the EPA to report … Continue reading


2013 Ford Fusion, Deep Impact Blue

Midsize Sedan-Standout Style Since it’s introduction the Fusion has set the standard for midsize sedans with: Engaging Design Innovative Technology Performance Now the ALL-NEW 2013 Fusion brings it to a ALL-NEW level, with a powerful, highly innovative, and great-looking sedan.  1. Engaging Design Up Front  Chrome grille Slim, laser-cut headlamps Highly sculpted power dome hood Along … Continue reading

Our First Look: 2013 C-MAX Hybrid

Introducing the all new 2013 C-MAX Hybrid . . .  The all-new 2013 C-MAX Hybrid is part of the first hybrid-only line of vehicles from Ford in North America.  It uses next-generation Ford hybrid powersplit architecture that allows the electric motor and gas-powered engine to work together or separately to maximize efficiency.   The highlights: Class-exclusive … Continue reading

The ALL-NEW 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid is Coming Soon

The C-MAX Hybrid is the start of something new at Ford.  It is the first installment of the all-Hybrid vehicle line from Ford.  The C-MAX Hybrid combines the familiar Ford luxuries of advanced technology and interior versatility with a new lithium-ion battery system and the next-generation Ford hybrid-electric power split architecture.   Ford has designed … Continue reading


2012 Ford Escape Comparison to the 2013 Ford Escape

Drumroll please…. The much anticipated 2013 Ford Escape is here!! Let’s take a closer look at the many updates of this new model year. 2013 Ford Escape Updates There are obviously major cosmetic changes to the new model year.  The new body style reflects the change from, “a quintessentially American design in favor of a … Continue reading


2013 Ford Flex

So, the 2013 Ford Flex has arrived to the showroom.  We have received a 2013 Ford Flex Limited w/EcoBoost.  Just to highlight one of the updates for the Flex model line on this specific vehicle that we think will make a lot of people happy is the improved hp, 365 hp (formerly 355).  Also, the … Continue reading