About Us

Academy Ford, Home Sweet Home

Photo by: Tom Lynch Photography

Family comes first at Academy Ford from our family of car experts to our family of customers, and it has for the past 50 years that we have been in business.  As other dealers have closed up shop or other manufacturers have taken your tax money, we have stayed strong.  Historically, we haven’t spent a lot of money on the typical, obnoxious screaming car dealership TV/Radio ads. Instead, our continued success has been in large part due to the number of referrals from our family of customers to their friends, family, and neighbors.

We want you to know that when you come into our dealership we will greet you like our family with open arms and a friendly hello.  High pressure sales are not part of the way we do things.  We want to provide honesty and integrity, so that you select the best option for you.  We do not see our customers as just another number.  Here at Academy Ford, “Our greatest asset is the customer.”  We go beyond satisfying our customers; we go the extra mile to make sure we impress our customers to ensure their experience with us is memorable.

Please join us and help us grow our family, as we approach the world of blogging with this same mindset.  We want to use this space to teach and advise our family of customers.  We are here to help you as much as possible as you research, purchase, and service your vehicle.

We are committed to educating and serving our community and this blog will be yet another platform where we can do so.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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