The contestants packed up and move to a new city! This week they were in NYC.  The show starts out with the teams pulling up to their new loft apartment in the city.  They park their Ford Escapes using the Park Assist feature, which makes parallel parking nightmares in the busy streets of NYC a thing of the past. The host, Rossi, welcomes them to their new diggs and asks them if they are ready for a new set of 3 challenges and the games begin.

The first challenge, the Urban Challenge, has them hop in the Escape and utilize the point of interest search on the MyFord Touch, which allows them to easily find Rockefeller Center.  They meet up with Al Roker from the Today Show and he explains their challenge.  The teams are to find 3 iconic places in NYC and take pictures of themselves there.   The places are sent to their iPads and the teams start running around the city.  The 3 iconic places are: Grand Central Station, Central Park, and the Radio City Music Hall.  The Blue team capitalizes on their familiarity with the city and they are the first to complete the challenge and win! Or so they thought…this week the urban challenge is a 2 part challenge.  The 2nd part requires them to find an iconic place in NYC and take a picture and have their virtual teams vote and whoever gets the most votes wins.

The second challenge, is very reminiscent of  Cranium.  They have to guess 5 words through: drawing, acting, sculpting, etc. The Blue team gets a little tripped up on “Pizza Delivery Man,” it was actually pretty amusing because Will guesses just about everything but, the actual clue.  He guesses, “Pizza Delivery [everything],” but man….it may just be us but, it was pretty funny! I’m sure the Blue team doesn’t think so though.  The rest of the teams do relatively well, but the White team pulls this one off.

The third challenge is the Escape Challenge.  They are sent off to Long Island to participate in a real life version of Castleville, another Zynga game. This challenge involves archery and jousting; whoever vanishes the most “beasties,” the villians from Castleville, win! The archery portion of the challenge seems to trip up most of the teams, however the Black team does incredibly well. The jousting is a lot more even as there is a 3 way tie, but because of the archery advantage the Black team wins!

Rossi then gathers the teams at the loft to wrap up the show and announce the current standings of all the teams.  But, not so fast…they then pull the #1 team, the white team, and the #6 team, the yellow team, aside for a little twist: a Point Repo challenge.  They challenge the Yellow team (who is in last place) to activate features within the Ford Escape blindfolded for a chance to take away 50 points from the White team.  The Yellow team does well and gets themselves 40 points.  They just ran out of time, so they weren’t able to try to get the last 10 points.

The NEW team Standings are:

#1 Brett & Ross/White Team

#2 Drew & Derek/Black Team

#3 Terrence & Iris/Gray Team

#4 Sharon & Wilson/Blue Team

#5 Chekesha & Tiffany/Yellow Team

#6 Bre & Tara/Red Team

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments…

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