5 Hot Tips to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

It gets pretty hot in the summer around here, so we wanted to make sure that you know some summer car safety basics. Having the right items–and never having the wrong items–in your vehicle will make driving in the heat a much safer and enjoyable experience.

Most of us have the extreme misfortune of parking outside during the summer months, which obviously creates a very hot situation, very quickly. The heat that comes in through the windows is absorbed by the interior, and the glass acts as an insulator. The temperature in your car can get up to 200 degrees, depending on several variables. 

So, we put together this list of 5 Hot Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer to try to help you out:

1. Park in the Shade
Too obvious? I know that’s what you’re thinking! But, how many times have you stopped at let’s say Target and you just need to pick up one thing, so you park at the closest spot. Then 2 hours and $200 later with a cart full of who knows what you are met with a sauna instead of a car.  Just go ahead and assume that the shade is the best way to go and walk a few extra steps if you see a tree nearby. Be aware, however, that trees most likely mean birds, and you may have a surprise waiting for you on your roof, hood, or windshield.

2. Sunshades
I know they look pretty ridiculous but, they really work.  By purchasing a windshield sunshade that you place on the inside of your windshield when you leave your car, you eliminate some of the heat in your car.  This prevents the sun from beating on your dashboard.  Dashboards don’t like the sun or heat. If you don’t cover them, they will fade and crack. So, using a sunshade can potentially get you a better resale value on your car by preserving your dash from sun damage.

3. Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheel covers, particularly cloth steering wheel covers, will allow you to comfortably handle the steering wheel after your vehicle has been standing in the sun. Steering wheels, of course, get extremely hot, cause burns to the touch, and result in unsafe driving when you can’t really grip the wheel.

4. Items You Should Have in Your Car

  • Extra water, for drinking and/or for the car.
  • Snacks, such as: granola bars, or small bags of cereal/crackers anything that is not perishable.
  • Cooler or insulated shopping bag. A cooler with an ice pack or insulated shopping bag will keep any frozen items you pick up from the grocery store from melting, or keep your fresh fish safe, before you get home.

5. Items you Should Not Have in Your Car
I am sure we have all been guilty of this one time or another.  You’re a victim of the checkout temptations of the numerous chocolate bars.  Then you get in the car and moments later it is a puddle of chocolate on your passenger seat.  Fingers crossed there wasn’t a large cleaning bill as a result.  So, we thought it was a least worth a reminder:

  •  Anything packaged under pressure, like hair spray or soda pop.
  • Tapes, CDs, or DVDs.
  • Sunscreen in a bottle. Buy little packets or towelettes for the car instead.
  • Crayons, candy, gum, lipstick.
  • Credit cards or other cards with magnetic strips on plastic.
  • Cleaning solutions with alcohol or ammonia.

Give us a call (301)419-2700 or come visit if you want to find out more information.

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