Celebrating 50 Years: Employee Appreciation

Academy Ford, Celebrating 50 Years

When you are in business for 50 years in the automotive industry you employee a considerable amount of people.  Generally, our staff stays at a little under 100 employees.  While we value each and every one of our employees there are a few faces that have been here for quite some time and their commitment to Academy Ford does not go unnoticed.  So, we would like to take the opportunity to show our appreciation for these employees that have shown extreme dedication to Academy Ford: Phil Lomax, Bo Rodgers, Stanley, Jimmy K, Richard Jones, Simmy, Champ, Scott, Jeff, Derek, and Tom Woods are long time members of the Academy Ford family and legacy.

Phil Lomax, 50 years

A parts employee from the very beginning who is considered by many to be one of the nicest guys in the industry.  You know right from the get go that this man has two loves: his family and cars.

Bo Rodgers, 49 years

A mechanic who worked for the original Academy Garage in 1960 stayed on when Academy Ford began in 1962 and was a leader in our service department from the early 80s until 2000.  There really isn’t anyone quite like Carl “Bo” Rodgers, he was a dedicated hard-working man that never missed a day of work no matter how sick he was, as they say they really “broke the mold” with him.  Sadly, Bo has passed away we miss him dearly.  

Stanley, 45 years

“Stan the Trans Man,” as he is affectionately monikered has been building and rebuilding transmissions for decades, some say even better than the factory.  His loyalty to Academy Ford is not overlooked as we are well aware of the numerous dealers he passes by to get here on his 1 hour and 30 minute commute from home.

Jimmy K, 43 years

He can be best described in two words, “THE BEST!” In all honesty he can’t be replaced as he can diagnosis a vehicle without ever driving it.  Although he does in fact drive every vehicle every time, but he is always right with his initial instincts.  Not only is he incredibly talented at his job but, he is also a great person.  He is the kind of man that will do just about anything for you and you don’t have to ask twice, he loves to laugh and luckily he has a great sense of humor.

Richard Jones, 35 years

Richard was a text book “parts guy.”  He knew a part # like no one else, he didn’t even need a catalog.  If you have ever had any question about parts he had the answer for you.  He was another example of the dedicated hard workers at Academy Ford, who was here everyday no matter what.  Unfortunately, Richard has passed away; he is greatly missed.

Simmy, 28 years

Simmy is a man about town.  You can rarely go anywhere with him when he doesn’t run into someone he knows.  He is also a true salt of the earth kind of guy that would do anything for anybody.  As Simmy just celebrated his anniversary with Academy Ford we wouldn’t want to repeat ourselves, so check out the blog post we did about his time at Academy Ford to honor his anniversary here.

Champ, 27 years

The MacGyver of our service department, he can fix just about anything and will do it with unprecedented efficiency.  Champ takes a lot of pride in his work, some would say he is a perfectionist.  We think he does an amazing job!  He is currently out due to a recent neck and back surgery so, we are hoping for a quick and healthy recovery!

Scott, 21 years

We have to say not every mechanic or service technician is a people person.  But, Scott is probably on of the friendliest guys  in the industry.  He is extremely knowledgeable and he does an excellent job clearly explaining his knowledge of their vehicle to the owners.  Not only is he beyond talented at his job but, he is also one of the first people to help out with just about anything.  You know you can count on him, which is a rare quality in today’s day and age.

Jeff, 22 years

A diesel truck genius, to say the least.  Jeff can diagnosis a vehicle based on codes alone.  There are many customers that have bought vehicles at Academy Ford because they know Jeff is part of the team.  He began his career here as an assistant to the truck department that he now runs.  He is one of our best technicians that has become a mentor to a lot of our younger technicians.  He is a guy that is passionate about his job and it shows!  He is also well aware of the need to be efficient at your job because he knows the importance of our customers vehicles especially with the larger accounts such as the State Highway Administration, Secret Service, etc.

Derek, 19 years

An all around nice guy with an even-keeled persona that really benefits our customers when they may be upset about an expensive repair.  He helps them in their time of need.  His customers are so loyal to him that they will wait until he returns from his lunch break or will come back another day if he happens to be out of the office.  He has kept a lot of customers for life at Academy Ford.

Tom, 16 years

Tom has a true understanding of the Lynch’s philosophy of running the family owned & operated business.  He has truly been “Academized,” living and breathing our way of business.  He is extremely well-liked by employees and customers alike.  He really connects with people whether that be through his unique sayings or one of his great stories.

These are the people among many others that make up Academy Ford.  It is their loyalty that has set Academy Ford apart and made it what it is today.


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