Happy Birthday Mr. Lynch!

Mr. Lynch

Mr. Lynch celebrates a birthday today! While he doesn’t typically like a lot of attention, we couldn’t let the day go by without wishing him a happy birthday and take a look back at his founding of Academy Ford.    

After finishing up his education at Georgetown University, he began a career at Ford Motor Company.  It all started when he was employed as a wholesale representative for Ford.  In this role he handled all parts, service, body shop issues & wholesaled cars and trucks to dealers.  It is during this time that he met Mr. Bob Bell.  The two of them saw an opportunity arise in the town of Laurel, MD and began to build the Academy Ford dealership.

They became partners in this venture in 1962.  Mr. Lynch, now president of Academy Ford and a father of 6 is not only a profound leader he is a great people person.  He is at his best when surrounding himself with good people, which is what he has done here at Academy Ford for many years.   He has found his niche in running a smooth and profitable operation while being dedicated to his family & health.   Happy Birthday Mr. Lynch! And thank you from everyone here at Academy Ford for providing us the opportunity to work for such a great, family owned business for the past 50+ years. 

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