Plan a Date Night with Your Ride, Part III

OSV entrance, MD District

OSV entrance, MD District

It’s Friday and it’s springtime and you need some inspiration for your date night.  Well we are here to save the day.  This week we have decided to take it up a notch and get spontaneous and exciting.  If you are not feeling too creative check out our other date night posts here, in case you missed them.  How about a road trip? Head out on the open road to the nearbyish Assateague Island National Park. The Assateague Island National Park located by Ocean City, Maryland is a great place to get to know your vehicle and your sweetie.  You two can cruise up and down the beach and take in all the beautiful scenery and wild life at the Assateague Island National Seashore.  The Over-Sand Vehicle (OSV) zone at Assateague Island National Seashore contains miles of unspoiled beaches managed by the National Park Service to accommodate OSV enthusiasts and other beach goers.

However, use this date with caution because is not a cheap date. This is a true love-I want to impress him/her kind of date. Prices can range from $70-$130 depending on the amount of quality time you’re looking to spend together.  There is even a section on the beach were you and your OSV can pull off and camp for the night. To view all requirements and regulations please check out the parks website here.

But, before you hit the highway make sure you pack some essentials:

– A shovel with a blade at least 6″ square and at least 18″ long.
– A vehicle jack sufficient to lift one wheel clear of the sand.
– A jack support that is at least 12″x12″ of non-bending steel, 5/8″ plywood or 1½” hardwood.
– A tire gauge with a minimum reading of 15 pounds or less.
– A tow rope or tow strap, chain or cable with a minimum pulling strength of 6,000 pounds and at least 10 feet long.

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