OUR FIRST LOOK: 2013 Focus Electric

The 2013 Ford Focus Electric’s performance is similar to the gas-only version, the all-electric 2013 Ford Focus has an electric motor that makes 143 horsepower, a lithium-ion battery and a single-speed automatic transmission. The Focus Electric’s off-the-line acceleration is impressive.  The sharp steering and minimal body roll add to the  similarity between the electric and gas-only Focus. The Focus Electric gets 110/99 mpg-e city/highway and has a 76-mile range, which is how far it can travel on a fully-charged battery. A good distance!

The Focus Electric does come with a higher price tag than the gas-only version, but it does comes with a lot of standard features. It comes with tech items like HD Radio, satellite radio, navigation and the MyTouch infotainment system.


Combined Economy: 105 MPGe

Driving Range: 76 miles

EV Top Speed: 84 mph

Fuel Cost: $600 annually (based on 15,000 miles annual driving and an electricity cost of $0.12/kWh)

 NO oil changes EVER

The Focus Electric really stacks up against it’s competition.  Check out the comparison:

All Electric                                                               Combined Fuel Economy, Range & Charge Time

2013 Ford Focus Electric                                 105 MPGe, 76 miles, 4 hrs

2012 Nissan Leaf                                                  99 MPGe, 73 miles, 7 hrs

2013 Honda Fit EV (subcompact)                118 MPGe, 82 miles, 3 hrs

2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV (subcompact)      112 MPGe, 62 miles, 7 hrs

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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