Fun Family Activities for Holiday Road Trips

It’s holiday crunch time.  Hopefully you have most of your shopping done and you are beginning to pack up the car.  Traveling with children during the holiday season can be stressful and hectic, but playing these four easy car games with your kids can make the road trip with your family fun and enjoyable for everyone!


  1. Scavenger Hunt: Give each child a list of items to search for while riding in the car. Examples of items to put on the scavenger list can include: railroad tracks, a gas station, grass, etc. Allow your children to use colorful crayons, or maybe bright stickers to show that they have found a certain item on their list
  2. Foil Sculptures: For this art project all you will need is a roll of inexpensive aluminum foil and a creative mind! Encourage your children to use their imagination and to mold the foil into anything they want. They can start by making their favorite zoo animals, jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and tiaras, and even silly eyeglasses. Once they’re done, clean-up is a breeze because you can just throw the excess foil away.
  3. The Rainbow Game: This game can be played at any age and if your children are knowledgeable of basic colors, this game is for them! The basic rule of this game is to simply call out a color and each child has to find an item on the road that matches that particular color. For example, if someone calls out, “yellow!” the child might point out the sun, or even a yellow car. The game begins to get a bit more challenging and fun when you get to colors like, purple and pink.
  4. Tall Tales: This intriguing and interactive game begins with one child starting to tell a fanciful, made-up story about anything they can think of. That child talks for about a minute until they reach a lively moment in the story, then another child picks up where they left off. The game continues to play in this style with the whimsical story twisting and turning as each new speaker adds on. The game is finally over when one player decides to provide the story with an exciting ending.

Have fun and most importantly drive safe wherever this year’s holidays take you!

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