What Certified PreOwned means at Academy Ford

The Ford Certified PreOwned (CPO) program comes with uncompromised standards.  Ford guarantees the vehicle to be a well-maintained late model Ford.  If the vehicle does not pass any portion of the inspection it will not be certified.  Here at Academy Ford we take Ford’s CPO program very seriously.  We have been involved with the Ford Certified PreOwned program since its inception and have consistently been ranked as one of the region’s top Certified PreOwned dealers. Our factory trained technicians are some of the best in the business.

So, what a better a resource than our factory trained technicians to learn a little more about the CPO program at Academy Ford with a little Q & A:


Q: How do you get selected at the dealership to do the CPO inspections?

A: The technicians that are chosen for the CPO inspections are MD state inspectors already so, it’s just a matter of taking Ford’s online course, which demonstrates the “like new” standards that we look for when examining the vehicle to deem it Certified PreOwned.


Q: What is the main difference between MD State Inspections and CPO Inspections?

A: I have been doing CPO inspections for a little over 3 years.   When comparing the two, the biggest difference between MD State inspection and the CPO inspection is the CPO inspection is not just minimum safety standards it’s “like new” standards so, it really builds value for the customer.


Q: Are there any efforts to make the CPOs “like new” that Academy Ford does outside of what is expected from Ford?

A: In addition to following the inspection standards we also utilize a customized BG Product solution to make the engine run smoother & cleaner.   For example included in this solution is BG 109 Compression Performance Restoration, which is a blend of cleaners that will remove fuel gums that clog rings.  The removal of these fuel gums result in the compression increasing.  BG 109 also lowers tailpipe emissions, eliminates oil consumption associated with buildup and improves overall power and economy.  We also will fill the tires up with NitroFill giving the vehicle better fuel economy, longer tire life, and improved handling/safety.  


Is also one of our factory trained technicians that does the CPO inspections, but he is on vacation. So, we will have to catch up with him later on for some inside information about the CPO program at Academy Ford.

This team of technicians has inspected numerous vehicles for the Certified PreOwned program here at Academy Ford.  It is because of their attention to detail and their combined 85 years of experience at Academy Ford that our program has been so successful.

Give us a call (301)419-2700 or come visit if you want to find out more information. Or leave us some questions in the comment section below.

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